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Industry Programme of Film and Audio-visual Education

Industry at SFS 2022 (30.7.-3.8.2022)

Industry Programme: Film and Audiovisual Education has been organised by Summer Film School and National Film Museum NaFilM since 2018. The initiative serves as a platform to foster communication with Czech and foreign academics, to share various projects and to exchange knowledge and experience in film and audiovisual education. The programme will consist of panel discussions with experts, who will talk about their best practices, and workshops, where everyone can try the innovative techniques in practice.
This year’s edition will be dedicated to the early years of cinematography and the methods of familiarising students with radical transformation of film using various creative activities. The programme has been expanded with workshops, screenings, lessons and discussions that will run for the whole duration of the festival. Our guests will focus on the relationship between silent films and music and will introduce playful approaches to discovering early films through watching, creating or experimenting with film editing. Some space will also be given to the methods of visual storytelling using simple optical devices.
The programme will be accompanied by Cined: Seminar of Film Education along with festival guest director Eliza Petkova. Screenings of her film will be followed by a discussion with the director and CinEd workshop introducing educational materials and techniques for working with school film screenings. The Association of Film and Audiovisual Education will also take part in this year’s edition presenting its courses on film education. Among the guests of the Industry programme will be the Czech representatives of Aeroškola, which will introduce a new workshop on editing and working with film stock. They will also be joined by the members of the organisations Mirror Mirror and Corridor from the UK, Cinematheque from France and the Polish National Centre for Film Culture to present their approach to educational and non-traditional formats of activities for students and teachers.
The whole Industry Programme is free of charge and is designed for teachers of primary, secondary and art schools, tutors of extracurricular after-school programmes, cinema managers, film club managers and all those who are interested in film and audiovisual education. The programme is also open to all festival visitors. The methods can thus be tested together, with immediate effect on various age groups.


Cined With Eliza Petkova: Pedagogical Materials for Zhaleika / Discussion for Teachers and Others Interested in Film and Audiovisual Education

Saturday, July 30 / 5:30–6:30 p.m.
Klub kultury – Malý sál

Panel Discussion: Inspirational Approaches to Film and Audiovisual Education

Sunday, July 31 / 10:00–12:00 a.m.
Klub kultury – Malý sál

Workshop: Become a Projectionist

Sunday, July 31 / 1:00–3:00 p.m.
Galerie slováckých vín

Workshop: Create Your Own Film Experiment

Sunday, July 31 / 3:30–5:30 p.m.
Klub kultury – Salonek 3

Discussion: How to Teach Art

Sunday, July 31 / 6:00–7:30 p.m.
Klub kultury – Salonek 3

Panel Discussion: How to Teach Teachers About Film?

Monday, August 1 / 10:00–12:00 a.m.
Klub kultury – Malý sál

Workshop: The Beginnings of Cinematography (CinEd)

Monday, August 1 / 1:00–2:30 p.m.
Klub kultury – Salonek 3

ArtCafé Discussion – Launch of Virtual Reality Experience by NaFilM &

Monday, August 1 / 2:00–3:30 p.m.
Stan Českého rozhlasu

Workshop: How To Introduce Students into Film?

Monday, August 1 / 3:00–5:00 p.m.
Klub kultury – Salonek 3

Laterna Magica – Live Performance

Monday, August 1 / 7:00–8:30 p.m.
Galerie slováckých vín

Workshop: Films Aren’t Just Digital Data, Come to Touch Them!

Tuesday, August 2 / 12:00–2:30 p.m.
Klub kultury – Salonek 3

How to Teach Film History in Elementary and Secondary Schools?

Wednesday, August 3 / 4:00–5:30 p.m.
Klub kultury – Salonek 3


Annis Joslin

Annis Joslin is an artist filmmaker and co-director of Corridor, an arts organisation connecting artists, people and place through lens-based participatory projects. Recent exhibition, Days of Wonder, co-produced with Videoclub illuminated the magic of early film pioneers through visitor participation. As an artist Annis has over 20 years experience of working in social contexts rooted in people’s lived experience. She adopts drawing, animation, photography, performance, storytelling and 360 video into film and lens-based work.

Claire Wearn

Claire Wearn is co-director of Corridor and an independent curator and creative producer collaborating with art organisations, artists and festivals. Corridor is committed to bridging gaps between artists and communities, amplifying under-represented voices and finding new ways for audiences to encounter artwork. Claire is also Festival Director at Photo Fringe, an open access festival encouraging artists working with photography and moving image to experiment, self- curate and grow their practice.

Chloé Guerber-Cahuzac

Chloé Guerber is a filmmaker and film educator. She works in the Education department of the French Cinematheque in Paris since 2007. Chloé has a PhD in film studies and directed three short films and two feature documentaries Another birth (2013) and In hostile territory (2019).

Claire Cooke

Claire Cook is an arts producer and facilitator. Her experience spans contemporary art, cinema and heritage. She has previously worked for the BFI, The Barbican and several micro galleries in east London. She is currently a lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London and works in widening participation for the Royal Academy of Music. Combining an interest in science art and the experiments that led to the birth of cinema, Mirror Mirror has been commissioned by TATE, British Library V&A Museum of Childhood amongst many others.

František Topinka

František Topinka teaches art and art history at a secondary school and multimedia at an art school. He is also a lecturer, dramaturge and methodology specialist in Aeroškola, a project focused on film education run by Prague’s Aero cinema. He organizes educational programmes in Brno’s Scala Studio. He is a chief manager of a film camp called Aertěk, he co-organizes the Little Eyes festival, and is a member of the Association of Film and Audiovisual Education.

Theodora Pfeffermannová

Theodora Pfeffermannová is a lecturer at Aeroškola, a project focused on film education. She is currently a student of Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and is a member of the Association of Film and Audiovisual Education.

Jan Kolegar

Jan Kolegar is a graduate of the Department of Animation at FAMU. He is one of the core lecturers of Aeroškola, an educational project in the field of film and audiovisual education.

Viktória Rampal Dzurenko

Viktória Rampal Dzurenko is a PhD student at FAMU, and a prolific filmmaker – including documentaries, experimental and two feature films. She also conducts international film courses and workshops and teaches art education. She studied art education and aesthetics, film studies and directing at FAMU and VŠMU. Currently, she works as a film education lecturer for the international CinEd programme and runs courses in filmmaking, film history, documentary and experimental film and film acting at Aeroškola and Free Cinema.

Ranjan Rampal

Ranjan Rampal is an editor, director, writer, dramaturg and cinematographer of fiction, experimental, poetic and documentary films. A graduate in film editing from FTII Pune, India and from FAMU, Prague, he has worked as an editor on more than 40 projects including feature films, television films and documentaries in various languages. As a teacher he has led film workshops for Czech and international students of FAMU and has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Communication from GGSIPU Delhi, India. He has been working as a lecturer in film education in the CinEd international training program, leading courses in filmmaking, film history and documentary, experimental film and film acting in Aeroškola and Free Cinema.

Maciej Białoruski

Maciej Białoruski is a film and theatrical director, sociologist and computer scientist; and senior student at the Łódź Film School Direction Faculty. He is a graduate of Warsaw University, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Universiteit Utrecht, and the Andrzej Wajda Film School. He is the author of award-winning short films and documentaries. In cooperation with the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute he co-founded Poland’s first theatre-themed online streaming channel. As a member of the direction department, he worked on performances staged at the Łódź Studio Theatre and the National Theatre in Warsaw. Currently, at the National Centre for Film Culture for Cinematic Education, he co-authors film-focused and educational projects.

Jan Bujnowski

Jan Bujnowski is a graduate of Film Direction at the National Film School in Łódź. He also studied journalism and history of art at University of Warsaw. His short films “Time machine”, “The Crossword” and “The Olympian” were shown at festivals in over 30 countries. He conducted “Warsaw Documentary Film Workshops” in 2016, two editions of “History of Future” in 2021 and 2022 at the National Centre for Film Culture for Cinematic Education, and is currently employed as a research and teaching assistant at National Film School in Łódź.

My Street Films

The popular educational platform My Street Films will celebrate its 10th anniversary in the Czech Republic in 2023. The flagship of the platform is a six-monthly workshop led by Czech documentary filmmakers, for which 24 authors are selected each year in a public competition of short documentary film topics and who turn their topic into a film work. The project also addresses primary and secondary schools with practical workshops, and for the general public it offers masterclasses with Czech film personalities, discussions on current social issues, film screenings accompanied by discussions or pop-up workshops and summer screenings of films produced in the My Street Films workshops. As part of the Industry Progamme this year My Street Films is organising a discussion on How to teach art?.

Pavel Bednařík

Pavel Bednařík has been working as a lecturer, dramaturg, teacher and consultant in the field of film education and the history of film and audiovisuals since 2007. During his professional career he has worked as an artistic director of the Summer Film School and AČFK, as a teacher at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Olomouc, FAMU and the Audiovisual Production Studio at the Faculty of Film and Television Studies of the University of Technology in Zlín. He focuses on the relationship between audiovisual works and ideology and the use of film in the educational process. He cooperates with the One World Festival, Summer Film School and Jihlava IDFF. Since 2019, he is the chairman of the Association for Film and Audiovisual Education and project manager of the project “Strengthening the field of film and audiovisual education in the Czech Republic”. Currently, he works as a senior lecturer and methodologist at Wikimedia CZ, and externally cooperates with the National Pedagogical Institute and NIPOS-ARTAMA.

Jiří Hruška

Jiří Hruška is a secondary school teacher and studied history and Czech language and literature at the University of Ostrava. Since 1993 he has been teaching history, film, drama and media education at the Pavel Tigrid Language School in Ostrava. He is also involved in educational activities in his educational and cultural agency Educa 24 agency. As a dramaturg, manager and coordinator, he organizes and moderates conferences and events related to the relationship between modern history, film and audiovisual studies.

Adéla Mrázová

Adéla is a director and one of the co-founders of NaFilM: National Film Museum, which she runs with Terezie Křížkovská and Jakub Jiřiště. Since 2014 she is a curator focusing on the educational impact exhibitions. She is an educator and co-author of film educational programs for schools through which the film museum NaFilM cooperates with hundreds of schools in the Czech Republic. She is also involved in international projects such as ThinkFilM that merges exhibition practice, educational activities and research. Since 2018 she has organised the Film and Audiovisual Industry program in cooperation with the Summer Film School in Uherske Hradiste.

Terezie Křížkovská

Terezie is one of the co-founders of NaFilM: National Film Museum, which she runs with Adéla Mrázová and Jakub Jiřiště. She is a curator of Na film! (2015-2018) exhibition, a co-author of film educational programs and a coordinator of the ThinkFilM international research projects that concentrate on merging film education with exhibitions. Terezie was also a production assistant to many film projects, e.g. The Blacksmith from Woodham (2013) or Little Feather (2016).


Adéla Mrázová

Industry Programme Coordinator
+420 603 195 998

Terezie Křížkovská

Industry Programme Coordinator
+420 723 219 582