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Accreditations and tickets are on sale.

All types of Festival Passes, tickets to film screenings and off-programme events, accommodation or Benefactor Passes – all this can be purchased via My LFŠ starting June 15 or on-site during the festival (in a limited quantity). Tickets to off-programme events will also be available in the Tourist Information Centre in Masaryk Square where they will be sold at full price. No Off-Programme Passes this year, and free entrance to both open-air cinemas.

Go to My LFŠ


Festival Passes allow you to access all festival screenings, expert programmes and art exhibitions at a given day. You can also book accommodation and get significant discounts to off-programme events.

All Festival Passes are also valid during the last day of the festival, August 4.

1-Day Pass
450 CZK / 450 CZK
2-Day Pass
850 CZK / 850 CZK
3-Day Pass
1200 CZK / 1050 CZK*
4-Day Pass
1500 CZK / 1350 CZK*
5-Day Pass
1750 CZK/ 1600 CZK*
6-Day Pass
1950 CZK / 1800 CZK*
Benefactor Pass 1
5,000 CZK
Benefactor Pass 2
10,000 CZK
Benefactor Pass 3
20,000 CZK

* Discounts are offered to students and teachers (we accept ISIC, ITIC, ALIVE, EYCA or a student certificate), members of film clubs (AČFK or ASFK card), the Czech Television employees, holders of ZTP cards and seniors 60+. All holders of ZTP/P are entitled to get a 50% discount for their escorts (please email your requests at

Benefactor Passes

If you want to support the festival, you can select from three types of Benefactor Passes and get free access to all festival screenings and off-programme events or a scoop of ice cream a day. More about Benefactor Passes here.

Ticket Packs

The tickets allow you to visit any individual film screening. Our Ticket Packs come in two variants (six or ten tickets) and can be used by any number of people. The pack can be purchased via My LFŠ. A limited number of Ticket Packs will also be available on-site in the Festival Centre or Festival Shop. Ticket Packs do not function as seat reservations. Online accommodation is only available for the holders of Festival Passes. The remaining capacity can be purchased on-site (in Festival Centre) regardless of your status.

Six-ticket Pack
890 CZK
Ten-ticket Pack
1,390 CZK