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New Film Releases

A new generation is here! The era of the filmmakers around Hřebejk, Zelenka, Svěrák and Ondříček, who have been at the helm since their debuts in the 1990s, is seeing the dawn of new talents. The works of these beginning film directors span a broad spectrum of topics and genres: Adam Sedlák invites us on a crazy one-night party full of rap and drugs (BANGER.), Šimon Holý offers a sensitive psychological portrait of an elderly woman in crisis (And Then Came Love…), Tomasz Wiński explores the world of open relationships (Borders of Love), Vojtěch Mašek tells a Faustian story of a man who succumbed to hell (Arved), Jiří Havelka reconstructs the massacre of a large group of Carpathian Germans who were killed on a hill near Přerov shortly after the end of Second World War (Eyewitness).