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Free admission to all parties for the holders of Festival Passes, or 50 CZK on site for the public.

Radio 1: BLN

Friday, July 29 / 11.59 p.m. / Mír Club
One of the first Czech DJanes who took a liking to gramophones. She currently performs as a drum’n’bass DJ mixing up various styles of electronic music. BLN started her DJing career in 1993, during her studies at AVU where she performed at school parties.

DJs Ghándí, Redcliff (Acidelika, Spiritual Sound System / Prague) + support Mystic Sky

Saturday, July 30 / 11.59 p.m. / Mír Club
Saturday night’s party will be conducted by Spiritual Sound System, a Prague DJ crew known for their iconic Acidelika parties. DJs Ghándí & Redcliff will be joined by DJ Mystic Sky.

DJs Husha, Wawakal (Bassta Fidli Crew / UH) + support Llu

Sunday 8 August / 11:30 p.m. / Mír Club (bar)
DJs Husha and Wawakal from the local Bassta Fidli Crew will play the most interesting pieces of the current electronic scene ranging from Berlin to Istanbul and from Mexico City to Detroit. Plus the usual Wawakal’s percussion live set.
#electro #nomad techno #dark disco #kebab house

Radio Wave: Koxoy & Brigitte Noir

Monday, August 1 / 11.59 p.m. / Mír Club
Valsorai Koxoy brings some feel-good deep house summer melodies, Brigitte Noir arrives with house, disco, and electro downtempo spiced up with African rhythms.

Radio Wave: Kewu & Steady

Tuesday, August 2 / 11.59 p.m. / Mír Club
Tuesday night’s party will host two DJs – Prague’s resident Kewu with his Latin American, rap, R&B and UK underground rhythms, and Steady with grime, rap, bass and other electronic styles.

Radio Wave: Casablanka

Wednesday 3 August / 11:59 p.m. / Mír Club